Napkins and Notepads


There have been times when the only piece of paper I could write on was a beer napkin, stained and not, or a piece of note paper from a contractor. Below are bits Ive written over the years. Unlike most of my poetry and prose, these snippets dont have dates attributed to them. Enjoy.


How Scary Should Trust Be


As I contemplate the mysteries of my relationship,

I cant help wondering if I asked all the right questions.

I wonder too, if I vested trust too soon.

Im scared.



Time to smile

This is what I need

A bit of joy, happiness

Just enough to plant the seed.


From the seed, beauty grows.

A moment of brilliance, creativity.

Building to a crescendo


The end is come

After all this time

You knew it was over

It became a crime


Try as we might

We missed each other

When we saw we ended

We asked Why bother?




Courage and Grace


Graceful as a bird on wing

Courageous as a seafarer without a sextant.

Flying in the face of danger

Sailing stormy seas without flinching.

Grammy was grace in motion;

Piss and vinegar to the gills.

Advice as always easy.

It was free without asking.

Grace under pressure is courage realized.

Courage under pressure is pure strength.