My Birthday Pictures


I have to admit, I was a tad concerned about wrestling gators, but I knew I could handle my friends’ challenge.


The “alligator wrestling” was a ruse.  They took me skydiving!  I’ve wanted to do a tandem skydive when I turned 30, but you know, that day came and went and, well, it didn’t happen.  So now, after more than fifteen years, on May 29, 2004, my fortieth birthday, I did it!  I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!  What a way to turn 40!  Thank you Marjie, Brad, Nena, and Anna.  A HUGE thank-you to everyone at The School of Human Flight.  This was the most awesome birthday present in the world and I’ll never, EVER, forget it!  I love you all!


After so many years of saying I wanted to do it, I was finally put to the challenge.  I was up to it.  The moment we pulled into the airport over there in Quincy, I knew what was going on.  They (my friends) joked a little while later that they were prepared to “force” me onto the plane if I chickened out.  Well, they didn’t have to worry about that, I was ready, willing and able.  I have to tell you, it was the most awesome experience I think I’ve ever had.  I want to do it again.  I wasn’t really scared.




Photos by the multi-talented Marjie


A confidant 40 year old.  I wasn’t scared.  I didn’t mind the yellow jumpsuit.  But, I don’t mind telling you the harness wasn’t completely comfortable.


Yes, Marjie was on this plane, while it was airborne, and took this and the following pictures.  To her left is the door I’m going to willingly step out.  At 13,500 + feet above the Planet.  Makes what Space Ship One even more incredible to me.

Well, it’s damn near “now or never”.

It’s “now or…”

It’s NOW!

“I’m “steering this thing?”  The plane I jumped out of landed before we did?  Marjie took this and the following pictures: after the plane landed; after she got her feet/legs back; had a smoke; and after she realized she was safely on the ground, again.

That jumpsuit wasn’t complimentary one bit!

I CANNOT believe I just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!


My cousin Bill Godwin inspired this jump.  I think Bill jumped on his 25th birthday, but I can’t be sure.  Anyway, I saw the video they made of his jump and that gave me all I needed.  He said, “They said it was better than sex, but I didn’t believe them.”  “Oh man, that WAS better than sex!”