A Veterans Page

I served aboard the USS Saratoga, CV-60.  I reported for duty in July 1983.  It wasn't always a fun ride and in retrospect, it wasn't meant to be ride in the park.  Serving aboard an aircraft carrier is a serious responsibility and requires teamwork.  Without teamwork, accidents happen.

This page is dedicated to all US Veterans.  As time permits, I'm going to add more links related to Veterans issues. 

If you haven't thanked a Veteran lately, you should.  To the US Sailors around the world, you make me proud to say I was one of you.

If you're a Veteran, thank your cheerleaders!

Our Cheerleaders

Veterans wouldn't be much of anywhere if it not for their supporters and cheerleaders.  The cheerleaders come in all forms.  Some are family, some are friends, some are Veterans.  Some view it as a duty they lovingly carry out.  I'm just happy to have friends who support Veterans. 

Plus, it's nice hearing "thank you" from time to time.  To our supporters, cheerleaders and friends, thank you.

Below is the first link to a supporter of all Veterans and Active Duty personnel.  I hope to have this area populated with more Veteran supporter links in the future.  For now, I hope you enjoy the pages as much as I did.  It seems fitting that the first link I add is the one for Nikki Mendicino's website.  When you visit Nikki's page, have some tissues handy, they'll come in handy.  All I can say is that she's an awesome young lady!

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